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Repayment of Your Loan

If you have visited the Course Registration Plan webpage prior to December 1, 2020, to ensure you are on the most recent version of the plan, please clear the cache of your web browser before proceeding with completion.

Step 1: Apply for Student Financial Assistance

Step 2: Submit the Course Registration Plan


October 31, 2021

for the start date of

January 1, 2022

Your completion of the two steps above will initiate critical processes including completion of Provincial or Territorial program information forms and confirmation of enrolment forms by AU and your funding agency.

On Demand Student Loan Repayment Presentation

  • With most government student loan programs, you have at least six months after your post-secondary studies end before you have to start paying back your loan, although interest does accumulate during this period.
  • You will need to start making student loan payments when you:
    • have graduated from your studies,
    • have transferred to part-time studies,
    • have dropped your studies altogether,
    • are taking more than six months off from school, or
    • have reached your lifetime limit for financial assistance.
  • To repay your student loans, there are three things you need to know:
    • how much to pay
    • when to make your payments, and
    • what steps you need to take to set up your payments.
  • Visit the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) website for more information on when, where, and how to repay your student loans.
  • The Government of Canada and most provincial and territorial governments offer repayment assistance measures to help you repay your student loans when you're experiencing difficulty. Contact the National Student Loans Service Centre and your provincial or territorial student financial aid office to discuss repayment assistance options.

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