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Student Pay - ProctorU Fees

ProctorU Charges to Student for Invigilating an Exam


NOTE: ProctorU fees, like all external invigilator fees, are in addition to any Athabasca University exam fees; such as Exam Rebooking Fee, Late Exam Request Fee, or Multiple Exam Fee. Even though ProctorU provides the Take it Soon and Take it Now options, you must still follow the timelines required by AU to request your exam.

Athabasca University is not responsible for making any payments to ProctorU. Payment of all proctoring fees will be the obligation of the individual student. Any charges applicable to the student must be paid with a credit or debit card. The student will be required to enter payment information into a secure page connected to a third-party card processor. The page is encrypted and ProctorU does not see or store the credit cards data. Students will have to re-enter payment information each time new charges are incurred.

ProctorU determines exam length based on the maximum time allowed for writing an exam, as communicated by Athabasca University, not the time the student requires to actually complete the exam, which may be less.

Exam Length Flex Scheduling Take it Soon** Take it now**
60 Minutes or Less $16.00* Flex Fee +$8.00* Flex Fee +$12.00*
61-120 Minutes $22.50* Flex Fee +$8.00* Flex Fee +$12.00*
121-180 Minutes $28.75* Flex Fee +$8.00* Flex Fee +$12.00*
181 Minutes or More $37.50* Flex Fee +$8.00* Flex Fee +$12.00*

*All fees are in US Funds.

**Take it Soon and Take it Now fees are subject to change.

Optional Fees

To write an online exam AU has issued,  flex scheduling allows a student to make an invigilation appointment at least 72 hours before the desired start time.  However, at an additional cost, a student may choose the Take it Soon or Take it Now options. Take it Soon allows a test to be scheduled within 72 hours of the chosen start time; Take it Now allows a test to be taken on-demand with no appointment needed. These options are for the convenience of the examinee and are not required.

Updated October 23 2020 by Student & Academic Services

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