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Virtual Invigilation


ProctorU is a third-party service that AU has partnered with to host online invigilation services.

If your exam is available to write online, ProctorU is your first choice for invigilation services. ProctorU enables you to write your exam from the comfort of your own home and is available 24/7—just make sure you meet the technical requirements.

Steps to book your exam through ProctorU and AU

  1. Set up your account through ProctorU. Please ensure that your name matches exactly how it is on your government-issued identification and what is listed in your myAU account.
  2. Book your exam invigilation through your ProctorU account at least 20 days before your desired exam date. As they are third-party service, there is a fee associated for using ProctorU.
  3. IMPORTANT: Your next step is to then request your exam through your myAU account using ProctorU’s invigilation identification number: 3278826.
  4. ProctorU will send you a confirmation email. Check your junk folder if you don’t see it.

Before your exam

  1. Review ProctorU’s exam readiness guide.
  2. Test your equipment prior to writing your exam. It is important that it is tested in a similar virtual and physical environment where you intend to write your exam. If you've failed multiple equipment tests, reach out to the ProctorU Help Center or Live Chat for additional assistance before starting your examination.
  3. Review AU’s Learner Support Services’ study tips and resources.
  4. Check with your instructor to confirm if you’re allowed any breaks during the exam. Remember to use the bathroom ahead of writing your exam.
  5. At an additional cost, you may choose the “Take it Soon” or “Take it Now” options. The “Take it Soon” option allows a test to be scheduled within 72 hours of the chosen start time. The “Take it Now” option allows you to take a previously AU issued test on-demand, with no invigilation appointment needed. ProctorU fee information can be found on our Office of the Registrar website. All ProctorU fees are in US dollars.
  6. If you need to adjust your scheduled exam, and it is ahead of, or up to 10 business days after your declared write date, you do NOT need to rebook through AU. You will need to update the change within your ProctorU account. Additional ProctorU fees may apply.

Day of your exam

  1. Make sure your laptop/computer is plugged in. Having your computer battery die or having to stop to plug in during your exam can result in loss of exam time.
  2. Restart your computer in advance of your exam session. This will help prevent background or unpermitted programs from interfering with your exam session.
  3. If able, connect your computer to your internet router using a hard-wired connection. This can create a more consistent, reliable internet signal in the event of WIFI slowdowns. Writing your exam physically near your WIFI router can also help maintain a consistent internet connection.
  4. Make sure your physical space is clear of unpermitted resources and ready for your exam. This includes your desk, walls and floors around the exam work area, and any other surface that may contain restricted materials (including secondary monitors, posters, tablets, etc.). See tips from ProctorU and what to expect the day of your exam.
  5. Don’t forget your virtual exam space! Make sure any unpermitted notes and programs are saved, closed, and not accessible during the exam.
  6. Have your government-issued photo identification (ID) available. Remember, make sure your name on that ID matches your name on your ProctorU account and your myAU account.
  7. Know the login information for your AU exam. That information is listed in your Exam Approved e-letter. Once you are cleared to move into the online exam platform, you will need to know in which platform your exam is scheduled.
  8. Once connected, your ProctorU invigilator will direct you into your Learning Management System (i.e., Lotus Notes, Moodle, etc.) or exam delivery platform so that they can unlock your examination. The proctor will then supervise the exam session using your webcam and remote connection.

Writing your exam

What to expect when writing your exam:

  1. Once the proctor releases control of your computer, you’re now able to complete the exam.
  2. If you have any issues during the exam, connect with your ProctorU invigilator through the chatbox or through ProctorU’s support team.
  3. After completing your exam, make sure you let the proctor know that you’re complete by sending them a note through the chatbox BEFORE submitting your exam.
  4. Log out of your exam, close the browser, and close the chatbox.


COVID-19 pandemic response:

For the most up-to-date information for AU learners during the pandemic, go to COVID-19 questions and answers for learners.

Updated June 02 2021 by Student & Academic Services

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