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Frequently Asked Questions

I can chat, play video games, and run virtual meetings without any problems, why am I losing connection during my online exam session with ProctorU?

Writing an examination through an online invigilation service uses a large amount of computer processing power and internet bandwidth. While writing a remotely invigilated exam, your computer is sending audio, video, and desktop data to the invigilator while also receiving audio data from the invigilator, processing the exam itself, and processing any data you are entering into the exam.

To help prepare for this on the day of your exam, please review the information on ProctorU.

I don’t feel comfortable with ProctorU accessing my computer with all of my personal information. What can I do about this?

If you do not feel comfortable with a third-party invigilation service viewing your computer desktop, one solution is to create a ‘guest’ profile on your computer. You can build a simple profile for exam use only including only the necessary browser and permitted materials to write your exam. Please consult an owner’s manual or user guide for your computer’s operating system for steps on setting up different user profiles.

There is more information on ProctorU’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

I am very nervous about writing my exam online, what can I do?

To prepare for your online exam we encourage you to review the resources available to you on this website.

We also encourage you to review the entire FAQs section so that you know what to expect if you experience technical difficulties or an inexperienced invigilator.

Anxiety can prevent you from doing well in examinations. Many of our students have benefited from coping strategies offered by AU Counselling Services. AU also produces a brochure called Mastering Exam Anxiety, and provides online resources.

Before you request your examination, discuss your preparedness with your tutor or learning facilitator. If you are having difficulties preparing for your examination, please review Mastering Exam Anxiety website or email an AU counsellor.

Can I write my online exam at home?

Yes, Athabasca University has entered into an agreement with ProctorU, which allows students to write their online exams at home under the remote supervision of an AU approved invigilator.

What if I can’t log into myAU to access the online exam?

Every AU student has a myAU password. Test it out before you head to your exam.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it at or contact:

AU Information Centre

Phone: 780-675-6100
Toll free: 1-800-788-9041 (Canada and U.S.)

The Information Centre is available to assist you from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST, Monday to Friday (closed statutory holidays)

If the myAU portal is unavailable due to technical problems or you can successfully log into myAU but cannot open your exam: please call the AU Examination Services during business hours:

AU Examination Services

Phone: 780-675-6579 (all other locations)
Toll free: 1-800-788-9041 ext 6579 (Canada and U.S.)

How will I know when my course has moved to online exams?

The course syllabus will be updated when the course’s exams go online. All current registrants will also receive a course announcement through Moodle. If your course is not in Moodle you will receive an email from your tutor or course coordinator.

The announcement/email will let you know the date on which online exams will begin to be scheduled.

What if my exam invigilator has problems setting up and delivering my online exam?

All AU invigilators have received a training package on how to administer online exams, including how to address the most common technical problems. If an invigilator cannot resolve an issue, they can call AU Examination Services for support during business hours. Outside of business hours, invigilators have instructions on how to assist with student inquiries and report issues to AU if necessary.

The provision of external exam invigilation is generally a paid service. If you have concerns about your exam invigilation experience, please contact the invigilator with these concerns and email the Examination Services Unit at

Who reads the comment that I submitted at the end of my online exam?

Your exam marker, the AU Examination Services and the Online Exam Project Coordinator read the comments you submit at the end of your exam. You may not receive a reply to your comment unless you request action on a process or technical problem that affected your exam performance.

What happens if I try to access a different website while writing an online exam?

If you leave the exam browser during the exam this will be reported by the invigilator for review. You may also run the risk of being locked out of your examination if accessing unpermitted external tabs, webpages, or apps. If unpermitted tabs or pages have been opened, this may constitute potential academic misconduct and may result in an academic integrity review.

Can I request to write the online exam on paper?

If you require exams in paper format as a result of permanent or temporary disabling condition must register with AU’s Accessibility Services in order to be eligible to request exams in paper format.

Students not registered with Accessibility Services should contact the AU Examination Services. The AU Examination Services will correspond with the student directly and make a decision. Barring exceptional circumstances, the AU Examination Services expects students to write in the format that the exam is offered as outline on the course syllabus.

Can I take blank (scrap) paper to an online exam?

Yes. You may take blank paper to your exam. The invigilator must inspect the paper before the exam and collect and destroy it following the exam. For ProctorU invigilated exams, you are required to securely destroy any scrap paper upon exam completion. Failure to destroy any used paper or sharing information from an exam may constitute academic misconduct. This information is provided in your online Student Manual.

What if I need to bring other materials to an online exam?

If you are allowed to bring specific materials, such as a dictionary or formula sheet, this information is provided in your Course Information and to the invigilator in specific exam instructions.

Is AU moving all its exams to an online system?

AU estimates that 80 per cent of its exams will eventually be moved into its Online Exam System. The remaining 20 per cent of exams will have technical or physical limitations that rule out an online delivery format.

What if I experience technical problems during an online exam?

If writing an exam with ProctorU, you are encouraged to review AU’s ProctorU Online Invigilation page in advance of your exam to reduce the risk of potential technical problems.

What if I cannot find an invigilator who can deliver an online exam?

You should review the Invigilators section of the AU Undergraduate Calendar. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the invigilation centre has a computer with an Internet connection and an accepted web browser available for use. Also, Athabasca University has entered into an agreement with ProctorU, which allows you the opportunity to write online exams at home. If neither of these is possible, the student should contact the AU Examination Services. A staff member will help with possible solutions.

How do online exams affect students registered with AU’s Accessibility Services?

If you are a student requiring accommodations and registered with Accessibility Services, you will remain eligible to receive your assessed exam accommodations

How and when will I get my online exam grade?

You will receive an automatic email from the MuchLearning Online Exam System when the marker has finished marking the exam. The email will provide them their grade in percent format as well as any general exam comments the markers entered in the system.

For further information on marks and grades please refer to the AU Undergraduate Calendar.

When will my other course’s exams become online exams?

Refer to the list of courses on this website to find out when if your course has moved to online exams.

Updated March 24 2021 by Student & Academic Services

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