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Athabasca University

List of Courses with Online Exams

Course Title/Link
ACCT 250Accounting for Managers
ADMN 415Strategy and Technology Innovation
ADMN 417International Business Management
ANTH 272Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 275Faces of Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 277The Archaeology of Us: First Humans to First Civilizations
ANTH 278Human Evolution and Diversity
ANTH 310Primate Behaviour
ANTH 320Ancient Cities & Civilizations
ANTH 335Ecological Anthropology
ANTH 336The Story of Us: The Evolution of Human Behaviour
ANTH 354Language and Culture
ANTH 362First Peoples of Canada
ANTH 375The Anthropology of Gender
ANTH 377Ancient Cultures of North America
ANTH 378Human Sexualities
ANTH 384The Family in World Perspective
ANTH 394Urban Anthropology
ANTH 434The History of Anthropological Thought
ANTH 436Topics in Primate Cognition
ANTH 476Archaeological Theory
APST 350Applied Architectural Sciences
ARHI 201A Survey of Western Art I: Looking at Art from Ancient Times to the Middle Ages
ARHI 202A Survey of Western Art II: Looking at Art from the Renaissance to Present Day
ARHI 301Canadian Visual Culture
ASTR 205Universe - The Ultimate Frontier
BIOL 204Principles of Biology I
BIOL 205Principles of Biology II B (Home Lab Version)
BIOL 207Principles of Biology II
BIOL 230Human Physiology
BIOL 235Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 310Biology of Human Sexuality
BIOL 320Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates
BIOL 325Introductory Microbiology
BIOL 341Human Genetics
BIOL 345Ecology
BIOL 401Cell Biology
BIOL 480Immunology
BTMA 444Business Intelligence and Analytics
BTMA 445Business Process Management
CHEM 217Chemical Principles I
CHEM 218Chemical Principles II
CHEM 301Introduction to Biochemistry
CHEM 350Organic Chemistry I
CLAS 309Ancient Greece
CLAS 312Ancient Rome
CMIS 214Custom Applications with C#
CMIS 314Web Applications with VBNet
CMIS 351Management Information Systems
CMIS 431Information Technology Leadership
CMIS 455Accounting Information Systems
CMNS 201Introduction to Mass Media
CMNS 301Communication Theory and Analysis
CMNS 302Communication in History
CMNS 311Mass Media and the Law
CMNS 321Computing in Everyday Life
CMNS 358Popular Culture and the Media
CMNS 385Rebel with a Cause: Social Movements in History and Popular Culture
CMNS 421Being Online
CMNS 425Film and Genre
CMNS 444Media Relations
COMM 243Interpersonal Communication
COMM 277Group Communication
COMM 329Mediated Interpersonal Communication
COMP 200Introduction to Computing and Information Systems
COMP 206Introduction to Computer Programming (C++)
COMP 268Introduction to Computer Programming (Java)
COMP 272Data Structures and Algorithms
COMP 306C++ for Programmers
COMP 308Java for Programmers
COMP 314Operating Systems
COMP 318Introduction to Game Design and Development
COMP 325Unix Operating System - Principles and Administration
COMP 347Computer Networks
COMP 348Network Programming in Java
COMP 361Systems Analysis and Design
COMP 369Practical Game Programming
COMP 372Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMP 378Introduction to Database Management
COMP 390Computer Graphics
COMP 400Computer and Network Security
COMP 410Software Engineering
COMP 418Distributed Database Systems and Database Tuning
COMP 435Multimedia Technologies
COMP 444Embedded/Robotic Programming
COMP 452Artificial Intelligence for Game Developers
COMP 456Artificial Intelligence
COMP 466Advanced Technologies for Web-Based Systems
COMP 482Human Computer Interaction
COMP 489Distributed Computing
COMP 494Research Methods
COMP 501Systems Development with Emerging Technology
COMP 503IT Hardware and Software
COMP 660Enterprise Information and Network Security
COMP 682Data Mining
CRJS 350Community Policing
CRJS 352Victims of Crimes
CRJS 360The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour
CRJS 370Youth Justice
CRJS 377Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection
CRJS 410Special Needs Policing
CRJS 491Offender Rehabilitation
CRJS 492Criminal Organizations
CRJS 493Risk Assessment and Threat Management
CRJS 495Sex Crimes
ECOM 320Overview of e-Commerce
ECON 247Microeconomics
ECON 248Macroeconomics
ECON 300Financial Economics
ECON 321Health Care Economics
ECON 357Intermediate Microeconomics I
ECON 366Economic Development
ECON 367Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECON 380Public Finance/Expenditure
ECON 385Money, Banking, and Canadian Financial Institutions
ECON 401The Changing Global Economy
EDPY 200Educational Psychology
EDPY 310Learning and Instruction
EDPY 471Supporting Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
EDUC 201The Profession of Teaching
EDUC 210The Canadian Training System
EDUC 317Training and Development in Organizations
EDUC 404Law and Ethics in Education
ENGL 211Prose Forms
ENGL 212Poetry and Plays
ENGL 255Introductory Composition
ENGL 302Introduction to Canadian Literature
ENGL 303A History of Drama - Part I: Early Stages
ENGL 304A History of Drama - Part II: Modernist Theatre
ENGL 305Literature for Children
ENGL 306The Literature of Work
ENGL 307Women in Literature
ENGL 308Indigenous Literature in Canada
ENGL 316Approaches to Literary Theory and Criticism
ENGL 324Shakespeare I
ENGL 325Shakespeare II
ENGL 341World Literature
ENGL 344American Literature I
ENGL 345American Literature II
ENGL 351Comparative Canadian Literature I
ENGL 140Grammar
ENGL 145Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes
ENGL 155Developing Writing Skills
ENGL 177English for Academic Purposes
ENGL 189English for Business
ENGL 353Intermediate Composition
ENGL 361Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 373Film and Literature
ENGL 393The Early Twentieth-Century English Novel
ENGL 395The Nineteenth-Century English Novel
ENGL 423Advanced Literary Theory
ENGL 431Canadian Drama
ENGL 433Post-Colonial Literatures
ENGL 458The Latin American Novel
ENSC 200Introductory Environmental Science
ENVS 200Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVS 243Environmental Change in a Global Context
ENVS 305Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVS 461The History and Politics of Ecology
FNCE 300Financial Economics
FNCE 322Personal Finance
FNCE 370Overview of Corporate Finance
FNCE 371Applications in Corporate Finance
FNCE 401Investments
FNCE 403Derivatives and Risk Management
FNCE 405Empirical Finance
FNCE 470Portfolio Management
GEOG 200World Regional Geography
GEOG 265Introductory Physical Geography I
GEOG 302The Canadian North
GEOG 311Canadian Urban Development
GEOG 365Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate
GEOL 201Introductory Historical Geology
GEOL 207Introduction to Environmental Geology
GEOL 313Our Physical Resources
GEOL 415Earth's Origin and Early Evolution
GLST 200World Regional Geography
GLST 205Building Blocks of Global Studies: Overview of Approaches, Concepts, and Issues
GLST 208The World to 1500
GLST 209A History of the World in the Twentieth Century: I
GLST 210A History of the World in the Twentieth Century: II
GLST 230Globalization and World Politics
GLST 243Environmental Change in a Global Context
GLST 367The Second World War
GLST 384Europe Since 1945
GLST 395Political Economy of Development: People, Processes, and Policies
GLST 403Public Policy in a Global Era
GLST 483International Political Economy: The Politics of Globalization
GOVN 301Governance, the Public Sector and Corporate Power
GOVN 377Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection
GOVN 380Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Governance
GOVN 390Public Policy and Administrative Governance
GOVN 400Governance and Leadership
GOVN 403Public Policy in a Global Era
GOVN 405Innovative Public Management
GOVN 444Media Relations
GOVN 450Public Budgeting and Financial Management in a Globalized World
HADM 321Health Care Economics
HADM 326Health Issues: Health and Healing
HADM 336Community Health Planning
HADM 339Organization of the Canadian Health Care System
HADM 369Health Policy in Canada
HADM 379Introduction to Epidemiology
HADM 400Health Care Law
HADM 488Risk Management and Safety in Health Services
HERM 334Professional Ethics in Heritage Resources Management
HIST 201Western Thought and Culture I: Before the Reformation
HIST 202Western Thought and Culture II: Since the Reformation
HIST 208The World to 1500
HIST 209A History of the World in the Twentieth Century: I
HIST 210A History of the World in the Twentieth Century: II
HIST 216Europe, 1618-1939: From the Thirty Years’ War to the Age of Dictators
HIST 224History of Canada to 1867
HIST 225History of Canada, 1867 to the Present
HIST 235History of the United States, Civil War to Present
HIST 304Historic Britain: Land, People and Politics from Prehistory to the Augustan Age
HIST 309Ancient Greece
HIST 312Ancient Rome
HIST 313Early Christians
HIST 326Contemporary Canada: Canada After 1945
HIST 327Imperial Russia
HIST 330Social History of Canada: European Contact to Early Industrialization
HIST 331Social History of Canada: Early Industrialization to Contemporary Canada
HIST 336History of Canadian Labour
HIST 338History of the Canadian West
HIST 362Constructing Women and Men in Canada: A History Since Industrialization
HIST 367The Second World War
HIST 368Indigenous Peoples in Canada to 1830
HIST 369Indigenous Peoples in Canada Since 1830
HIST 370The Métis
HIST 371Early Medieval Europe, 400-1000
HIST 372High Medieval Europe, 1000-1350
HIST 373The Renaissance
HIST 383The Vikings
HIST 384Europe Since 1945
HIST 390The Historian's Craft
HIST 404Historical Foundations of Modern Science
HIST 407The Enlightenment
HIST 455Canada and the Bomb: Canada and the World in the Cold War
HIST 486The Industrial Revolution
HLST 200Introduction to Human Health (I)
HLST 201Introduction to Human Health (II)
HLST 301Complementary and Alternative Therapies
HRMT 300Human Resource Planning
HRMT 301Recruitment and Selection
HRMT 322Employment Law
HRMT 323Injury Compensation and Disability Management
HRMT 326Compensation Strategies and Practices
HRMT 386Introduction to Human Resource Management
HSRV 363Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Governance
HSRV 400Governance and Leadership
HUMN 201Western Thought and Culture I: Before the Reformation
HUMN 202Western Thought and Culture II: Since the Reformation
HUMN 268Classical Music: A Historical Introduction
HUMN 309Ancient Greece
HUMN 312Ancient Rome
HUMN 313Early Christians
HUMN 407The Enlightenment
IDRL 215Introduction to Labour Relations
IDRL 308Occupational Health and Safety
IDRL 309Human Rights, the Charter and Labour Relations
IDRL 320The Law of Work
INBU 201Introduction to Indigenous Business
INFS 200Information Seeking & Society in the Information Age
INST 203Indigenous Studies I
INST 358Aboriginal Women in Canada
INST 368Indigenous Peoples in Canada to 1830
INST 369Indigenous Peoples in Canada Since 1830
INST 370The Métis
INST 450Financial Management for First Nations Institutions and Organizations
INST 460Management of Indigenous Institutions and Organizations
INST 470Leadership of Indigenous Institutions and Organizations
INST 480Comparative Indigenous Models of Government: International Models
INTR 230Globalization and World Politics
INTR 330International and Global Politics
INTR 395Political Economy of Development: People, Processes, and Policies
INTR 483International Political Economy: The Politics of Globalization
LBST 325Labour mobility and migrant workers
LBST 415Sex Work and Sex Workers
LGST 230The Canadian Legal System
LGST 249Legal Literacy
LGST 310Human Rights, the Charter and Labour Relations
LGST 331Administrative Law
LGST 369Commercial Law
LGST 377Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection
LGST 489Alternative Dispute Resolution
MATH 215Introduction to Statistics
MATH 244Business Mathematics
MGSC 301Statistics for Business and Economics I
MGSC 312Statistics for Business and Economics II
MGSC 368Introduction to Production and Operations Management
MGSC 369Service Operations Management
MGSC 418Supply Chain Management
MGSC 419Information Technology Project Management
MKTG 396Introduction to Marketing
MKTG 406Consumer Behaviour
MKTG 410E-Marketing
MKTG 414International Marketing and Exporting
MKTG 440Marketing Strategy
MKTG 454Sports Marketing
MKTG 466Marketing Research
MUSI 268Classical Music: A Historical Introduction
NURS 316Review of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for BN Practice I
NURS 317Review of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for BN Practice II
NURS 326Health Assessment
NURS 328Understanding Research
NURS 400Adult Health and Health Alterations
NURS 401Professional Practice with Adults Experiencing Health Alterations
NUTR 330Introductory Nutrition
NUTR 331Nutrition for Health
NUTR 405Nutrition in Health and Disease
NUTR 406Modern Concepts in Nutrition
ORGB 300Organizational Culture
ORGB 319Motivation and Productivity
ORGB 326Organization Theory
ORGB 327Leadership in Organizations
ORGB 364Organizational Behaviour
ORGB 390Managing Change
PHIL 252Critical Thinking
PHIL 255Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics and Society
PHIL 333Professional Ethics
PHIL 334Professional Ethics in Heritage Resources Management
PHIL 335Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 337Business Ethics
PHIL 342Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Philosophy
PHIL 350Ethics
PHIL 371Ethics in Science and Technology
PHYS 200Introductory Physics I
PHYS 201Introductory Physics II
PHYS 202Introductory Physics III
PHYS 204Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
PHYS 205Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
PHYS 210Conceptual Physics
POEC 230Globalization and World Politics
POEC 302Theories and Approaches to Political Economy
POEC 395Political Economy of Development: People, Processes, and Policies
POEC 483International Political Economy: The Politics of Globalization
POLI 277Introduction to Political Science I: Concepts, Structures, and Institutions
POLI 278Introduction to Political Science II: Political Processes and Political Behaviour
POLI 301Governance, the Public Sector and Corporate Power
POLI 309Canadian Government and Politics
POLI 325Canadian Environmental Policy and Politics
POLI 330International and Global Politics
POLI 342Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLI 345American Government and Politics
POLI 355Political Philosophy: Plato to Machiavelli
POLI 390Canadian Federalism
POLI 392Public Policy and Administrative Governance
POLI 400Governance and Leadership
POLI 403Public Policy in a Global Era
POLI 450Globalization and Human Rights
POLI 480Politics of Our Networked World in the Digital Era
PSYC 228Introduction to Human Development
PSYC 289Psychology as a Natural Science
PSYC 290General Psychology
PSYC 300Theories of Career Development
PSYC 304Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 310Learning and Instruction
PSYC 315Psychology and the Mass Media
PSYC 323Developmental Psychology
PSYC 333Sensation and Perception
PSYC 340Introduction to Applied Social Psychology
PSYC 345The Psychology of Women
PSYC 347Introduction to Feminist Counselling
PSYC 350Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 355Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 356Introduction to Personality Theories and Issues
PSYC 365Behaviour Modification Principles
PSYC 375History of Psychology
PSYC 379Social Psychology
PSYC 381The Psychology of Adult Development
PSYC 387Learning
PSYC 388Introduction to Counselling
PSYC 395Forensic Psychology
PSYC 402Biological Psychology
PSYC 406Introduction to Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
PSYC 426Psychology of Families and Parenting
PSYC 432Psychology and the Built Environment
PSYC 435Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 450Drugs and Behaviour
PSYC 451Human Neuropsychology
PSYC 471Supporting Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
PSYC 478Autism Spectrum Disorder
RELS 204Introduction to World Religions
RELS 206The Islamic Tradition
RELS 211Death and Dying in World Religions
RELS 218Introduction to Religion and Popular Culture
RELS 313Early Christians
RELS 380Advanced Studies in the Hebrew Bible
SCIE 326Scientific Reasoning
SOCI 231Sociology of Religion
SOCI 287Introduction to Sociology I
SOCI 288Introduction to Sociology II —Social Movements
SOCI 290Social Problems
SOCI 291Canadian Society
SOCI 300How Humans Organize: From Primary Groups to the World Wide Web
SOCI 301Social Statistics
SOCI 305Sociology and Crime
SOCI 316Sociology of Families
SOCI 321The Sociology of Work and Industry
SOCI 331Environmental Influences on Development and Aging Across the Life Course
SOCI 335Classical Sociological Theory and Its Relevance Today
SOCI 337Modern Sociological Theory in the 20th Century: The Age of Grand Theory
SOCI 339Sociology of War & Armed Conflict
SOCI 345Women, Gender and Work in Canada
SOCI 347Contemporary Social Theory for the 21st Century: the Age of Indeterminacy
SOCI 348Sociology of Environment and Health
SOCI 365Sociology of Deviance
SOCI 378Rebel with a Cause: Social Movements in History and Popular Culture
SOCI 380Canadian Ethnic Relations
SOCI 381The Rich and the Rest: The Sociology of Wealth, Power, and Inequality
SOCI 437Deciphering Our Social Worlds
SOCI 537Deciphering Our Social Worlds
SOCI 539Sociology of War and Organized Violence
TAXX 301Taxation I
TAXX 304Introduction to US Tax
TAXX 401Taxation II
WGST 302Communication Skills and Counselling Practice
WGST 303Issues in Women's Health
WGST 304Issues in Aboriginal Women's Health and Wellness
WGST 305Counselling with Indigenous Women
WGST 322Sexuality in Society
WGST 345Women, Gender and Work in Canada
WGST 362Constructing Women and Men in Canada: A History Since Industrialization
WGST 422Violence against Women: A Global Perspective
WGST 423Mothering/Motherhood in the Real World
WGST 460Famous Feminists and Their Times: Global History of Feminism

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