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DegreeWorks - Keeping Students on Track to Graduation

DegreeWorks Help

DegreeWorks is a comprehensive academic advising and degree audit solution that works with Banner, AU's student information system. DegreeWorks automatically retrieves the student's academic record from Banner and organizes it into an educational plan on the web, easily identifying program requirements, which courses have been completed and which courses the student still needs in order to complete their degree.

DegreeWorks provides a great academic planning tool and counselling capabilities that create new efficiencies and foster more personal interactions between advisors and students. Students receive the academic advice they need to succeed and advisors gain new capacity to help them counsel students more successfully.

The program was launched internally in the fall of 2012. It is available to program students who have applied since September 2010*.

*Note: There are some programs that are available prior to this timeline.

DegreeWorks enables program students and their advisors to be able to:

  • Track progress towards degree completion
  • Create detailed educational plans
  • Calculate GPAs based on current and future courses and grades

With the new tool, students may have a shorter time to graduation because program requirements will be clearly laid out so students are less likely to choose unnecessary or incorrect courses. DegreeWorks will help them map out their university program and take a direct route to degree completion. And it will give advisors valuable tools to guide students in their decision-making. Students can graduate as quickly as possible and move forward to establish and advance their careers.

DegreeWorks is available through the myAU portal under the "Manage your program" section or can be accessed directly here.

Any questions about DegreeWorks can be sent to

Updated March 27 2018 by Student & Academic Services

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