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Online Student Transcript Request FAQ

1. How do I request a transcript online?

Once you have logged into the Office of the Registrar's Online Services at, on the left hand menu bar choose the Transcript Request option to request a transcript online. Please note that you must log in to see the transcript request option. This service allows you to preview your transcript before it gets sent to the destination that you have specified. If you have trouble accessing the Office of the Registrar Online Services, you may need to reactivate your account (no fee) by clicking here. Find out more about requesting a transcript in section 7 of Athabasca University's Online calendar.

2. How many transcripts can I request at one time?

You are able to request any number of transcripts to multiple addresses by mail or by courier (for an additional charge). Please note that for courier service outside of Canada you will need to submit a paper transcript request form via fax or mail.

3. Can I view and print an unofficial copy of my transcript before I request it?

Yes, the online student transcript request service allows for you to preview what your transcript will look like before you request it. You can also print a copy of the unoffical transcript. Please note that before proceeding with your transcript request you are REQUIRED to preview your transcript. Any alteration of any transcripts will result in academic misconduct. To preview your transcript, you must have Acrobat Reader. You can download the FREE Acrobat Reader from Adobe's Website.

4. What is the fee for requesting a transcript?

Effective September 1, 2007 there is no longer a fee charged for transcript requests. However, please note that if you wish to have your transcript couriered there is a fee charged for this service. There is no fee charged for regular mailings.

5. I am having problems with printing an unofficial transcript. What should I do?

When printing the transcript preview, don't print using PostScript printer drivers. If you are using a PostScript printer driver you will need to choose to 'print as image'. If this does not resolve your printing issue, please contact us.

6. Can I request a transcript another way?

Yes, you can still submit the paper transcript request form via mail or fax it to 780-675-6174. Please note.

7. If I request a transcript, when will it be sent?

Normally, if the request is made in North America it should take two business days but is dependent upon the mail service and the amount of requests that we have received. Please refer to Canada Post's web site for more information. You can also visit Expect the Best Service Standards for additional information on services we provide. By using the online transcript request form you may receive your transcript quicker.

8. How long will courier service take?

Please note courier service is an additional charge.

Courier Service Benchmarks (Business days)

Courier service from Athabasca to most centres within Alberta 1-2 days
Courier service from Athabasca to rest of Canada:
     Ground 4 - 10 days
     Air 2 - 5 days
Courier service from Athabasca to Maritimes, Northern B.C. and Territories:
     Ground or air add up to 5 days


  1. The town of Athabasca is not classed as a major centre in Alberta.
  2. Courier delivery service noted above, includes one (1) day for service between Athabasca and Edmonton depots.

9. How long for regular mailing?

Please refer to the Canada Post's web site.

10. How do I track my courier package?

Contact the Transcripts/Academic Records unit in the Office of the Registrar.

11. Why isn't my grade showing on the transcript but I can view it online in the gradebook?

The course assistant will need to finalize your grade and submit it to the Office of the Registrar before it will show up on your transcript. Please use the preview button in the online system to verify that all your grades are appearing on your transcript before proceeding with the payment. Please note that you should not proceed with requesting a transcript if you are waiting for a grade to be finalized. When you can see your grade using the preview function in the online transcript system, any transcripts requested after that point will show the grade.

12. I am having problems accessing the transcript student interface. What should I do?

Contact us.

13. Why is there a WF for one of my courses listed on my transcript?

Please refer to section 6 in Athabasca University's online calendar.

14. How can I find out what other items mean on my transcript?

The back of the official transcript is the legend which indicates the grading system, accreditation/recognition, classification of students, etc. Please contact us for further information.

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