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Athabasca University

Keeping Your Loans Interest Free

AU is aware that BC Student Aid is not expected to have their 2020-2021 application systems open until early to mid-July. Please ensure you submit a Student Financial Aid Course Registration Plan by the June 30th published deadline and apply for your student aid as soon as the application systems become available.

Step 1: Apply for Student Financial Assistance

Step 2: Submit the Course Registration Plan


July 31, 2020

for the start date of

October 1, 2020

Your completion of the two steps above will initiate critical processes including completion of Provincial or Territorial program information forms and confirmation of enrolment forms by AU and your funding agency.

  • If you have returned to full-time studies at Athabasca University and have previous Government Student Loans, you may be eligible to keep your loans in interest free status.
  • You must contact your Provincial or Territorial Student Assistance Office to find out what to do to ensure your loan service provider(s) get your Confirmation of Enrolment information processed in a timely manner.
  • These rules vary from one jurisdiction to another across Canada.
  • AU's Student Financial Aid Office can confirm your full-time status as appropriate for your situation.

Updated February 20 2020 by Student & Academic Services

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