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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AU know I am getting a student loan?

The financial aid unit is notified by the submission of the online Student Financial Aid Course Registration Plan. If a student applies for funding but fails to submit a course registration plan, enrolment will not be confirmed, and funding will not be released.

I want to start on January 1st, when do I have to apply for my student loan?

You are required to submit a Student Financial Aid Course Registration Plan and apply for funding by October 31st to be eligible for a January 1st start date.

How many courses do I need to take if I am getting a student loan for full time studies?

To be eligible for full time funding you must take 3-5, three credit courses per four-month term. Please remember all courses must have the same start date to be eligible for funding.

Can I get student aid if I am part time?

For part time funding you are required to:

  1. Take 1-3, three credit courses per six-month term.
  2. Register and pay for courses by the tenth of the month prior to your start date. For example, to receive funding for courses beginning January 1st, you are required to register and pay for courses by December 10th.
  3. Submit a Student Financial Aid Course Registration Plan and apply for part time financial aid from your funding province. Once your part time funding application is approved, we will confirm your enrolment.
  4. Click here for links to Provincial Funding Agencies.

Do I have to be in a program to get a student loan?

The short answer is yes, however, there are a couple of exceptions based on your Provinces rules. Alberta Student Aid allows you to be funded when in unclassified or open studies for one year only and then you must select a program of study. Some other Provinces will only approve you as an unclassified/visiting student if you are on a letter of permission from your home institution.

Can I get OSAP to go to AU?

Yes, you bet, OSAP does approve Ontario students for study at AU. However, OSAP does not fund students in unclassified or open studies unless you are on a letter of permission.

How does AU give OSAP my program information?

After you submit your AU Student financial Aid course registration plan, your financial aid advisor will have access to your request and application for OSAP. We have a dedicated online portal that we use to upload the AU program information form. This includes your program, year of study, course load, start date, end date, weeks of study and tuition fees.

I have submitted a Student Financial Aid Course Registration Plan and applied for financial aid by the published deadlines, how do I get my student loan funds?

Ensure you have completed your Master Student Financial Aid Agreement. Also known as the MSFAA.

Once we get notice of your student loan approval from your province/territory and we confirm your enrolment, you can expect to have access to your student funding either on your start date or shortly after. January 1st is a peak period for all institutions across the country and we recognize that National Student Loan Service Centre does experience some minor delays during peak periods.

I do not get my student loan funds until January 1st. Do I have to register myself and then wait for my loan to be processed?

No, if you complete the Student Financial Aid Course Registration Plan and apply for funding by the published deadlines, your financial aid advisor will register you in your courses and complete any provincial or territorial program information forms needed.

How do I pay for my tuition fees; I am not getting my loan until January 1st?

Tuition fees are requested directly from your student funding amount by your financial aid advisor. National Student Loan Service Centre then pay’s AU the tuition fees directly.

If my student loan is approved earlier can I start earlier than January 1st?

No, once your original application and course registration plan is submitted, we cannot revise start dates, as the financial aid unit requires a minimum of two months to process learner’s course registration plans.

I submitted a course registration plan for two semesters from September – April. My first semester is ending soon, how do I register for my second semester beginning January 1st?

Your Financial Aid advisor will automatically register you into your second semester and request your tuition payment from your loan.

Updated September 17 2020 by Student & Academic Services

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