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Athabasca University

Virtual Invigilation


The university is collaborating with ProctorU to allow you the opportunity to write your online exams from the comfort and convenience of any suitable location with internet access while an invigilator supervises you remotely through the use of a webcam and a high speed internet connection. This will allow you to write your exam at any time and at any location that has suitable internet bandwidth.

If your course has an online exam, and you are interested in the opportunity to use the virtual invigilation service, please go to the ProctorU website to review their technical requirements and to book a write date. Before booking a write date through ProctorU, you must have completed your exam request through your myAU portal using the invigilation identification number of 3278826.  (NOTE: If you are a Graduate Nursing student, please follow the examination related instructions provided in your course). Then you can arrange your write date with ProctorU. 

ProctorU is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is able to assist students worldwide if they have an online exam, webcam and high speed internet connection. Try this new opportunity today.

Note: ProctorU fees, like all external invigilator fees, are in addition to Athabasca University exam fees; such as Exam Rebooking Fee, Late Exam Request Fee, or Multiple Exam Fee.

ProctorU Fee Schedule

Updated April 03 2019 by Student & Academic Services

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