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Electronic Letters (e-letters) FAQ

1. What exactly are e-letters?

E-letters are electronic letters available online to undergraduate students. Find out more.

2. I am a graduate student. How come I cannot see any e-letters?

E-letters are only available to undergraduate students. We hope to provide e-letters to graduate students in the future.  

3. Will I receive an e-mail notification when I have a new e-letter to view?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail notification that you have e-letters to view. E-letters are only accessible online by logging into the myAU student portal.

4. How long will my letters be available online?

Your e-letters will be accessible for six months. Therefore, we recommend that you save all your letters to your PC.  

5. What does letter delivery method mean?

You can choose between two different letter delivery methods: e-letters or printed letters.

6. How do I know what my letter delivery method is?

In myAU, check out the section titled ‘Letter Delivery Method’ to find out what your letter delivery method is.

You can also check your letter delivery method at the Office of the Registrar Online Services (OROS). Click on Electronic Letters in the Student Record section on the left, and check out the section titled ‘Letter Delivery Method.’

7. Can I switch my letter delivery method any time?

Yes, please follow this easy four step process. Please note that most of the letters are created overnight and therefore will not be accessible until the day after your request. However, some letters are only produced once a month. Read more.

8. How do I get an original copy of my acceptance letter sent to my sponsor for funding?

You can print the letter off and send it to them or contact us to have a letter sent for you.  

9. I asked for an extension but my course registration letter still shows the original contract date. Why?

Your original course registration letter will always show the original contract date. An extension letter will be available to you to confirm your request for a course extension. The extension letter will indicate your new contract date.  

10. I am having problems accessing my e-letters. What should I do?

Contact us.

Updated November 13 2019 by Student & Academic Services

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